Yoxier Cherry Blossoms Primer Base Six-Peptide Anti-Wrinkle Moisturizing Liquid Smooth Skin Anti Sunlight Liquid Primer TSLM1



Name: Cherry Blossoms Six-Peptide Anti-Wrinkle Primer

Net content:1 5mIl/0.53fizo


This product can moisturize your skin texture lightly. The contained extracts from cherry blossoms, canella, and radixscutellariae, combined with six-peptide, allantoin, and other
components, will release multifold nourishing power, making skin bright, shinning, , and moist. With this product, you can apply makeup easily on your moisturized skin without dusting, making the makeup submissive and clear.

Applicable Skin:
A variety of skin types apply

If you find the skin discomfort, please stop using; Please keep it out of reach of infants and children and avoid eating.

Storage Condition:

Please keep from light, to avoid direct sunlight.


Super Smooth, Silicon Based Base Foundation Primer.
Silicon primers rest on top of skin that acts as a wall between skin and makeup that create an even canvas on skin by adhering base makeup to last longer.
Foundation blends very smoothly with it underneath
Gives a smooth and perfect appearance to skin
Fighting against excess oil to ensure a long wear makeup

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