Face-lifting artifact


The facial mask mask has the effect of facial correction and massage, chin and cheekbone. It can be used to form a V-face and the correct asymmetry of the face. 7 grades Adjustable length for various sizes and shapes of faces. Comes with a thin bandage for a better effect of thinning the face.

A thin facial corrector can improve contour, swelling, line and reduce the absorption of meat.
According to the advice, the mask can be used to tighten and correct prominent parts of the face, focusing pressure on it.
6 grades Adjustable length for various sizes and shapes of faces.
Manidible elastic tape can be used to increase pressure by reducing the length.
Comes with a bandage for slimming the face for a better v-shape effect.
Slims the face at any time and everywhere, small size and light weight, easy to carry.

Item Type: thin facial corrector
Material: ABS + sponge + cloth
Dressing Length: Approx. 54.2 cm / 21.3 inches

Parcel list:
1 x Thin facial corrector
2 x compression plates
1 x Elastic tape
1 x v-bandage for face

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